Getting Started - Build Guide for Hubmasters

INTRODUCTION is filled with useful articles to help you master the IHUBApp. This Guide has been assembled to help guide you in your training.

Start Here: Understanding Categories, Channels, and Posts will make the following easier. If you don’t understand the difference click here.


The following links will automatically launch you into the Builder. You can also make these changes from the IHUBApp under “Hub Administration”

The How-To reference links are included at the end.

  1. Update the look and feel of your hub.
    Launch | Learn

  2. Create the categories and channels that will host your updates.
    Launch | Learn

  3. Create some post labels to help organize the posts within your channels.
    Launch | Learn

  4. Create the pages that host static content that does not change often.
    Launch | Learn

  5. Update the menu editor and link the pages, categories, or channels.
    Launch | Learn

  6. Add a slider to your Home Newsfeed
    Launch | Learn

  7. Add a post to your channels.
    Launch | Learn

  8. Add some customized content to your Home Newsfeed
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Advanced Pro-Tips

The following provide additional ways to further engage your audience in your Hub.

  1. Customize your Homepage to optimize Channel Subscriptions.
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  2. Using Hashtags

  3. Understanding how Progressive Web Apps Install


The following premium features are available to IHUBApp paying customers.

  1. Connect your domain.
    Send a note to with your domain registration details and we will setup for you.

  2. Create a QR Code
    The Builder has a built-in QR Code Generator available for you to use for your Hub and other digital solutions you may create available under “Advanced Options”
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  3. Add your Hub to the Hubstore
    Hubs listed in the Hubstore will be promoted by InspireHUB Marketing on our social media channels. Hubmasters are provided contribution access to the Hubstore to help promote their hubs.