Certified Hubmaster Training


The purpose of this course is to get you up and running as quickly as possible, to plug you into our growing and supportive community so that you can start providing your customers with our leading-edge technology.

In This Course

In this course, we are going to explain:

  • What does it mean to become a Hubmaster and to build on our platform.

  • Why we ask all Hubmasters to complete free privacy and security training.

  • How to build and then activate your hubs.

  • Finally, we're going to provide sales tips and training on selling hubs to customers and how InspireHUB is here to help bring you more business.

Once again, on behalf of the entire InspireHUB team. Welcome aboard!

Course Outline

This course includes 4 modules with techniques, best-practices and tips you can apply as you work towards becoming a Hubmaster:

  1. Becoming a Hubmaster

  2. Privacy & Security Training

  3. Building Hubs

  4. Selling Hubs