Module 4 - Selling Hubs

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In this module, we will help you answer the question “Why Hub?” and also reveal with you the marketing support and sales tools available to help you ship more hubs.


Your Elevator Pitch

Hubs are a new invention. They are a next-gen patent-pending technology that can significantly improve engagement, save time, and provide you with the privacy and safety you want and need.

Key Statistics

Circle Ten Council (one of the largest Boy Scouts Council in America) built a hub to help serve their 40,000 stakeholders. In a 4 year side-by-side study they found:

  • 195% Increased Engagement

  • 80% Decrease of Hours

  • 90% Time Savings in Launch of New Hub

If you look through the Hub Store you will see a diverse list of customers that boast a diverse list of things being built. Your elevator pitch is going to also be unique based on your customer and also what you are building for them. We’ve assembled the key talking points for you below that seem to excite most customers.

Top Three Features that Customer’s Find Exciting

Our patent-pending technology has some key features that Customers really get excited about. Here’s the Top 3:

  • Automated Newsletters: Customers spend significant time wrestling with newsletter templates, segmentation and generating newsletters. Yet, if they include one article in the newsletter that does not interest the reader, they just trained them to ignore their newsletters.

    Our Automated Newsletters allow customers to easily send multiple updates without triggering spam filters and delivery issues that plague email programs. Keep all your different council audiences engaged with the Scout Knot Automated Newsletter functionality that sends out daily and weekly recaps that are personalized to your user preferences and drives their engagement.

    > Learn more here.

  • Post-by-Email: Imagine reading something in your inbox and thinking how useful it would be for your audience to read it. With our product, all you have to do is forward the email to a special email address, and it is automatically posted into the hub. This feature is excellent for streamling and efficiency: reports, news, and more can all be automatically published with a simple email.

    > Learn more here.

Key Customer Testimonials

Case studies and testimonials can be found at: InspireHUB Client Showcase Here’s a sample testimonial!

Four years ago, our team was introduced to a technology designed by InspireHUB. We had tried many different solutions before we encountered this platform and were skeptical of adding yet "another new technology" into the mix. We already had so much to do! Who has time to learn another technology?

Learning to use the technology was super easy and within weeks of using the technology I was finding time savings in my day. The amount of time I gained back was so significant that we ended up changing my role and where I spent my time. 

While I was finding new found freedom, we were also seeing other communication changes. Like many councils, we were using multiple tools and trying to "keep up" with all the different ways of communicating out to different audiences. Now, we finally had an app and our "source of truth". What started off as a small few channels in our app grew to become an entire hub. 
Thankfully the platform that our app is built on is meant to scale and eventually we ended up leveraging the website and other robust capabilities to our advantage.

Recently, we completed a side-by-side study comparing our hub against our previous website engagement. We discovered that we had a 195% increase over the best year of pageviews for our previous website! Today, our hub receives so much use and traffic that recently we've encountered businesses who are inquiring about promoting their services into our council community. We never had a "website" or "email tool" do that for us! We're now exploring what it will look like for us to partner with brand sponsors in continuing to support the good work of our staff and volunteers.

Stephanie Kirk of Circle Ten Council

Sales Support Tools - Top Picks

InspireHUB provides several sales support tools to help you in growing your business. Here are a few top picks:

  • Free Whitepaper: The Future of Apps Whitepaper
    This Free Whitepaper is free for you to distribute to your customers. It’s particularly useful for when you need to answer questions to the IT person or department.

  • Video: What the Hub?
    We’ve made this video available for your use on Youtube. As a Hubmaster, you’re able to reuse and repurpose any of our materials in your own pitches.

  • Hubs: Hubstore
    Seeing is believing. Sometimes prospects need to see what an experience looks like. If a customer is saying ‘I don’t get it' - we recommend you take them through a text-to-download experience and SHOW them. Here’s our favorites:

    • PGA: Text COLOGUARD to 55741

    • Women of True Grit: Text GRIT to 55741

    • Municipality of Chatham: Text INSIDER to 55741

Ongoing Sales Tips and Training

Each week our team will put out updates to help you gain the competitive edge to win on the Hubship in the IHUB Sales Training Notes channel. You will be automatically added to the channel when you’re added to the Hubship.

Receiving Help on Your Pitch

You have an entire team that is here to help you WIN! If you have an important pitch that is coming up and would like us to either help with your pitch or even be present to answer technical questions, we are open to help you! Send a note to with the details and we will see how we can help you grow!

Getting Hired through the Hubstore

Certified Hubmasters (those who pass the exam) are invited to promote themselves on the Certified Hubmaster Directory available in the Hub Store.


IHUBApp is committed to helping you sell and ship more hubs. We have a variety of sales support tools available for our Hubmasters to leverage as they see fit in their sales pitches. The Hubship provides Hubmasters with exclusive access to these tools and training sessions to help grow your business.