Module 1 - Becoming a Certified Hubmaster


Becoming an IHUBApp Certified Hubmaster first starts with understanding the basic elements understanding what makes a Hub. There’s alot to cover and before we dive in the MOST important thing is for you to understand how we are here to support you!


We have a thriving and supportive community of people who are building resources to help you THRIVE on your Hub journey. There are useful how-to articles and videos to answer all your Hub Questions.

Here’s what else you can do:


What is IHUBApp?

IHUBApp is an award-winning and patent-pending platform that allows you to host and build next-gen apps (progressive web apps). PWAs are disrupting the online experience as they completely remove the walls that once existed between websites, apps, portals, and intranets.

What is a Hub?

Hubs are next-gen apps an that contain IHUBApp proprietary technology that includes intelligent authentic technology that automatically detects the type of device the user is on and engages with the operating system. It offers the appropriate device experience whether it is desktop, mobile, or tablet.

  • A hub on a mobile-device is far more than a ‘mobile-optimized’ website as it IS an app.

  • A hub on a desktop offers up a website experience that seamlessly brings your users together.

  • A hub is a website, and IS an app, and IS a massive game-changer!

What does a hub include?

When you create a hub you instantly receive:
• PWA Enabled Technology
• Hosting
• Robust CMS
• Secure User Management
• Instant Access
• Powerful Notification Management
• Automated Personalized Newsletters
• Access Control (Public, Membership-Only)
• Easy Engagement Tools (Events, Call-to-Actions, Subscribes, and more!)
• Text-to-Download *
• SMS Notifications *

What is a Hubmaster?

A Hubmaster is the person responsible for maintaining one or more Hubs built on the IHUBApp Digital Experience Platform.

The Hubmaster may be responsible for designing the hub, setting up the permission levels for either the hub, channels, or both, updating content, replying to comments and feedback, and reviewing analytics.

What is a Certified Hubmaster?

A Certified Hubmaster is a digital professional who has completed the Certified Hubmaster curriculum and successfully passed an exam.

Hubmasters receive exclusive access and competitive licensing when accepted into the InspireHUB training program.

Who can become a Certified Hubmaster?

To become a Hubmaster you must meet the following qualifications:

  • Have an eagerness to bring leading edge technology into the marketplace.

  • Completion of the FREE Privacy and Security Training.

  • Completion of the Certified Hubmaster Curriculum.

  • Successful pass on the Certified Hubmaster Quiz

What are the benefits of becoming a Certified Hubmaster?

When you become a Hubmaster you receive the following benefits:

  • IHUBApp Certificate
    This can be shared on LinkedIn and on your site to identify you new skillset.

  • Exclusive Pricing & Special Promotions
    Certified Hubmasters receive exclusive pricing and promotions not available through any other channels.

  • New Feature Request Prioritization
    Wish the platform could do something it doesn’t? Have an idea for something that would be really great? Your requests are given a higher weighting so that we can help you grow! Requests can be made here.

  • Hubship Access
    The Hubship is a Hub exclusively dedicated to Hubmasters that is dedicated to helping you grow your business. The Hubship offers the following:

    • Project Opportunities: Certified Hubmasters are added to the Certified Hubmaster Directory and promoted to those who are seeking assistance in building Hubs.

    • Training Conferences and Workshops: Access to exclusive workshops and training sessions that provide product and business growth assistance.

    • Sales and Marketing Templates: Certified Hubmasters are provided access to FREE marketing resources and tools to help them grow their Hub business.

    • Community: Meet, network and learn from others who are making an impact in industries around the world.

  • New Feature Preview
    Hubmasters are invited to join in and see new features we are working on and provide feedback before they are released to the public.

  • Hubstore

    • Services Directory
      Submit a post promoting your services, portfolio and project and we will promote you and your work to the world!

    • Hub Postings
      Hubmasters are granted contribution access to the Hubstore to submit their hubs for promotion. Hubs listed in the Hubstore are using by InspireHUB Marketing and can help bring more attention.


A Certified Hubmaster is a qualified professional who is building hubs within the IHUBApp Digital Experience Platform and has completed the Exam. As part of their acceptance, they receive training, exclusive licensing, and support to help grow their digital business.