3.3 Using question-based selling technique for IHUBApp.


Question-based selling is a method of utilizing questions to understand customer needs in order to close sales. By asking the right questions, Allies can build strong relationships and uncover customers’ pain points in order to effectively pitch the IHUBApp. This lesson plan will discuss the basics of question-based selling and provide tips and tricks on how to use it successfully.


What is question-based selling?

Question-based selling begins by assuming nothing about the customer and getting as much information as possible. Utilizing empathy is essential for getting an accurate understanding of the customer’s wants, needs and desires. Starting with an understanding of who your customer is can help create an effective conversation from which you can build rapport and eventually make a sale.

Once you have a good idea of who your customer is, begin inquiry with open-ended questions that require more than a yes or no response.

Ask questions such as “What are some of your biggest challenges that your would like the IHUBApp to solve for you?” or “How does your current [your competitor’s product] not meet all of your needs?”

These kinds of questions can encourage customers to give more detailed answers that could be key insights into how you can present the IHUBApp in a way that would appeal to them uniquely.

Important Considerations

  • Timing: Another important factor to consider when asking questions is timing – when do they know they need it? If it’s too early, then they won’t be ready to buy; if it’s too late, then someone else will have taken over the opportunity. Keeping this in mind, try introducing yourself sooner rather than later so you can start building trust while gathering information so you know when the best time is for a sale.

  • Tracking: Be sure to also keep track of what has been said throughout each conversation – this helps ensure that no detail has been missed during previous interactions so that conversations remain productive and relevant.

  • Followup: Finally, follow up promptly by responding quickly and consistently through email, phone calls or face-to-face meetings should any new information arise or if additional questions come up after the initial meeting.

IHUBApp Sample Selling Questions

  1. What made you interested in the IHUBApp?

  2. Can you explain a bit more about what exactly it is that led you to research solutions like ours in the first place?

  3. What about the IHUBApp differs from your perspective from what you are currently using?

  4. If we could solve one main problem for you with the IHUBApp, what would it be?

  5. Are there any other problems you’re hoping the IHUBApp can help address?

  6. How quickly do you need to see results from implementing our product?

  7. How familiar are you with Progressive Web App technology and the changes that having been happening with apps?

  8. Do you see any challenges in being able to use the IHUBApp as your future commuication tool?

  9. Is there anything I can do on my side to make this process easier?

  10. What should I expect from your side as you walk through this process of learning about the IHUBApp?


Question-based selling starts with gathering as much information about the customer as possible by asking open-ended questions with empathy and good timing.

Use what you learn from these conversations to build strong relationships with customers while also taking notes on anything discussed which could later become useful resources once it comes time make an offer or suggest a solution during any future communications with them.

Following up promptly will further demonstrate commitment towards helping customers find success which may lead to closing more deals faster in turn resulting in increased revenue generation.