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Welcome IHUBApp Ally and congratulations on being accepted to be able to represent one of the most exciting new platforms in the world that is also allowing affiliate marketers like YOU to make great passive income.

In This Course

I. Introduction

II. Why IHUBApp?

III. Promoting and Selling the IHUBApp as an Ally

IV. Building your IHUBApp Marketing Plan

V. Building your IHUBApp Influence

VI. Recap and Next Steps

Throughout this course, IHUBApp Allies will have the opportunity to apply their learning through hands-on activities, including launching an IHUBApp and creating a marketing plan.

Course Outline

This course includes 4 6 modules with techniques, best-practices and tips you can apply as you work towards becoming a Hubmaster:

  1. Introduction to IHUBApp powered by InspireHUB

  2. Why IHUBApp?

  3. Promoting and Selling the IHUBApp as an Ally

  4. Building your IHUBApp Marketing Plan

  5. Building your IHUBApp Influence in the Marketplace

  6. Recap and Next Steps