2.1 Why is the IHUBApp Needed?


In this course we will explore how the IHUBApp solves many of the challenges faced by individuals and businesses when building websites and mobile apps using traditional DIY platforms. DIY digital build platforms and websites claim to be easy to use, but in reality, they require a significant amount of digital knowledge and understanding of customer engagement best practices to create effective solutions. The IHUBApp offers an alternative by streamlining the process of building and driving engagement for communicators and digital freelancers.

By the end of this course, you will understand some of the key features and benefits of the IHUBApp that make it unique and effective. This course is intended for communicators and digital freelancer who want to spend less time building solutions and more time driving engagement.



Challenge 1: Understanding digital best practices

Building effective digital solutions requires a deep understanding of various aspects of customer engagement such as:

  1. User research: Understanding the needs, goals, and pain points of the target users through research methods such as surveys, interviews, and user testing.

  2. Interaction design: Creating intuitive, user-centered interfaces that guide users through the app or website in a logical and efficient way.

  3. Usability testing: Testing the design with real users to identify any issues or areas for improvement.

  4. UI design: Creating visually appealing and consistent layouts, typography, and other design elements that enhance the overall user experience.

  5. Accessibility: Building websites and apps that are accessible to users with disabilities and comply with accessibility guidelines.

Even those who make it a profession to build websites and apps have difficulty keeping up with all there is to know. With the constant evolution of technology and design trends, staying up to date on the latest knowledge and best practices can be a challenge.

Challenge 2: The effort and length of time to build.

Evem with best-practices knowledge, the challenge is that the tools available for building digital solutions can be cumbersome. The world's leading website builder, WordPress, reported in 2022 an average build time of 200 hours and 5 weeks.

Challenge 3: Best-practices and tools knowledge does not bring engagement.

Despite this significant investment of time and effort, there are still plenty of examples of websites that did not accomplish the type of engagement that was hoped for.

The reason for this is that these tools don't come with a built-in engine to help drive engagement. Instead, one has to bolt on everything through different plugins and tools, which can be a time-consuming and complex process. As a result, the end result may not be optimized for driving engagement.


Solution 1: The IHUBApp is a ready-made engagement engine.

The IHUBApp addresses these challenges by starting with the reality that there is only so much real-estate on mobile devices. Therefore, the architecture of the IHUBApp is optimized for mobile. The IHUBApp has figured out all the complexity necessary to drive engagement, making the process of building and driving engagement much simpler. With the IHUBApp, all you need to do is upload your logo, choose your app color, and start loading your content.

Solution 2: The IHUBApp is a content organizer’s dream!

The IHUBApp has an elegant category and channel system that allows you to easily organize your content. The notification engine automates all communication notifications, including automatically sending personalized and updated email newsletters to users as they subscribe to channels. The IHUBApp also takes care of all notifications including push, sms, and desktop notifications.

Solution 3: We solved the email newsletter challenge!

As your users subscribe to your channels, our system automatically emails them a personalized and updated email newsletter every week. We also take care of all the notifications, including push, sms, and even desktop notifications.

Solution 4: The IHUBApp has the built-in tools ready to go. No messing with install or plugins.

In addition, the IHUBApp has built-in easy-to-add modules for driving engagement. These modules include event functionality with ticket sales, the ability to do surveys, a call-to-action no fuss module that can be instantly added to a post, and an instant message center that automatically emails your audience when a message is waiting for them.

The IHUBApp Proven Results

The results of using the IHUBApp speak for themselves, with customers reporting 195% increased engagement and an 80% reduction in the time they spent building solutions. While other people are still struggling to build their experience and get it off the lot, IHUBApp users are already down the road and driving.


The IHUBApp is needed because it addresses the challenges faced by professionals in building and driving engagement for digital solutions. The IHUBApp streamlines the process by providing an optimized architecture for mobile devices, an elegant category and channel system for organizing content, and an automated notification engine. Additionally, the IHUBApp has built-in easy-to-add modules for driving engagement, resulting in increased engagement and a reduction in time spent building solutions. The IHUBApp is an essential tool for every communicator and digital freelancer who wants to spend less time building solutions and more time driving engagement.