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Having the right marketing toolkit can make a difference between a successful IHUBApp product launch and an unsuccessful one. This lesson plan is designed to equip IHUBApp Allies with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively use a marketing toolkit for launching the IHUBApp Affiliate Marketing business. It will cover topics such as developing powerful messages, creating effective visuals, planning out strategies, and understanding the customer journey.


Develop Powerful Messages

Before using your IHUBApp marketing toolkit, identify for yourself what you believe makes the IHUBApp unique and how it stands out from the competition. We’ve presented our findings on this here:

2.1 Why is the IHUBApp Needed?

2.2 Who is using the IHUBApp?

2.3 How does the IHUBApp stack up against the competition?

We have found that craft AUTHENTIC powerful messages that highlight the specific features that stand out to you makes a big different in sales success. To put it simple, you will EASILY remember the items that YOU think are important and not just what we have outlined.

This will also help customers remember why they made their choice and also get them excited about exploring more of what you have to offer. This includes your marketing and creative services to help maintain the great IHUBApp that you have built!

Create effective visuals

Visuals can be just as powerful as words when trying to communicate your message – they can draw attention, provide context or even simply set the tone you want customers to have when interacting with you.

Utilize graphics such as infographics or short videos whenever possible to make things easier for customers who may not have time or sufficient knowledge to understand written material on their own.

As an IHUBApp Ally, you are allowed and encouraged to use the IHUBApp logo, visuals, and marketing materials on any of our websites and hubs.

Plan out strategies

Once you’ve developed your messaging and visuals, start planning out what platforms, channels and even timelines will best suit your needs for getting this information out there.

Think about ways in which different pieces of content could be shared in various formats over different mediums so all potential customers are able to see it at least once – this allows maximum growth opportunities!

Understand the customer journey

Lastly, take some time to study up on customer buying behaviour– understanding how an individual interacts with products before, during and after purchase will enable you craft better campaigns that target them directly at each step of their journey.

Additionally keep track of any ROI (return-on-investment) stats that come back from your efforts – this helps refine future strategies when introducing new products in the future!

Refresh yourself with 2. Why IHUBApp?


Having a comprehensive marketing toolkit is essential for any successful product launch – it should include everything from powerful messaging ideas to tailored visual elements along with established plans for distribution channels .

To ensure success remember these few steps - first develop messages that highlight why customers should choose your offering; create compelling visuals; plan out effective strategies for delivery; And understand customer buying behaviours so that you reach them every step of the way! With consistent practice comes speed and confidence – so continue honing your skills until perfect!


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