2.3 How does the IHUBApp stack up against the competition?


The IHUBApp platform turns what you know on its head. In this lesson, we will explore the capabilities of the platform and how it stacks up against the competition in a variety of areas. We will explore the key functionalities that are important to customers. We will also provide the key differentiators between IHUBApp and the leading digital build platforms in the marketplace.



We’re not trying to “keep up” with DIY (do-it-yourself) website and app builders. We’re here to disrupt the entire way the industry thinks about building digital experiences. Let’s look at how we are doing just that!

Time to Build

Hands down there is no faster build in the marketplace. In the video below, we show you how fast it is to stand up an IHUBApp. When you stand-up a hub, everything is already turned on and ready for engagement.

Average Competition Build Times (with Content)








30 mins - 2 hours



50 - 200



8 hours design
8 hours per page

3-4 weeks



3 weeks

Square Space

20-80 hours

6 - 8 weeks

Email Newsletters

The IHUBApp completely transforms Email Newsletter communications. The IHUBApp Engine, automatically produces personalized email newsletters without doing a thing. If you have 40,000 subscribers, they each will reach an individual email newsletter without you ever having to worry about messing with a template or figuring out a customer segmentation.



The IHUBApp has been built to scale almost any need with no changes in performance or usability. Our platform was originally designed to serve an entire country and has been used by large brands and events like PGA Tour and performing arts groups in the US.


The IHUBApp does not have the risk inherent with using plug-ins, so it provides an advantage in this regard. The IHUBApp is CIS Benchmark Compliant, PCI Compliant, and GDPR Compliant.


The IHUBApp team works hard to automatically provide the capabilities required for Accessibility compliance in different countries. We ensure that our Google Lighthouse score meets the industry requirements of the countries where we operate. Other platforms do not automatically take accessibility into consideration as they build.

Leading-edge PWA Technology

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are applications that install on devices progressively as you visit via your URL. Thanks to modern browser technologies, PWAs can be installed on any device - even mobile phones - and accessed like a regular app, but without the need for downloading or lengthy setup processes. This makes them faster and more efficient than traditional apps and eliminates the need to update software regularly.

Furthermore, they use less data, allow for improved user engagement, as well as provide better performance in low coverage areas. Additionally, PWAs can be developed at lower cost since they don't require downloads from an app store or other vendor accounts.

Read: https://www.inspirehub.com/whitepaper

Apple recently announced their decision to enable side-loading of third party applications on the iOS platform, a feature that has been available for some time on Android. This will allow apps to be downloaded directly from the internet and installed on iPhones - regardless if it is officially available on the App Store or not.

Additionally, Apple confirmed that Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) can now be run and opened within Safari as native apps and all remaining PWA functionality will be enabled in 2023. This means that PWAs can now take full advantage of iOS features such as push notifications, secure storage, background sync, etc., while still being supported by Apple devices.

Superior Functionality

What good does it do to have the most beautiful design in the world, but it not be functional?

When you look at other platforms they place a heavy emphasis on design and functionality second. The IHUBApp puts functionality first and design second for a practical reason. Google prioritizes functionality and so do your people. Just think of a time you visited a really “pretty” app but couldn’t find what you need or easily get what you need.

It can cost customers both time and money to figure out how to “design” an effective digital experience.

Read: https://launchhappy.co/guides/yes-people-are-paying-upwards-of-10k-for-squarespace-designers

We created the functional engine that has already been figured out. All you need to do is add your content and our engine does the rest!


The IHUBApp is ready-enabled with push, desktop, email and even SMS notifications. Enabling push and SMS requires both development and mobile carrier compliance. We elegantly look after all the complexity so that you can focus on content.

Pricing + Value

IHUBApp provides unprecedented value and packages for customers of all sizes. View our pricing here!

We have packed so much utility and value into one platform so that our customers can focus on engagement and not wrestle with a disparate portfolio of tools. Here’s just a list of some of the features included in the IHUBApp and what similar competitors charge for each.

The IHUBApp’s pricing of $199/mo USD starts at half the cost of purchasing just the below services of the following services.

Monthly Services


Competitor Costs

Monthly Services


Competitor Costs



Shared: $5-$20
VPS: $20-$40

Email Newsletters


$350/month for 150K sends

Push Notifications


$12 - $313/mo
3k - 100k users



Per user / per month

Events & Ticket Sales


3.5% + Service Fees

Polls & Surveys


Per user / per month


When it comes to value, the IHUBApp’s pricing packages are the most competitive in the industry. Spread the word!