5.2 Utilizing social media to reach your target audience


This lesson plan is designed to teach affiliate marketers how to leverage the product and marketing being produced by the IHUBApp team in order to increase your reach on social media, better target your audience, and create a more powerful awareness engine. By the end of this lesson, you will understand how to use the IHUBApp branding, messaging, and marketing materials to create more effective social media campaigns to your advantage, how to use data and analytics to better understand your target audience and create more personalized, effective marketing messages.


Understanding the IHUBApp branding and messaging

The first step in leveraging the product and marketing of the IHUBApp is to understand our branding and messaging. This includes our mission statement, values, and key messaging, as well as their visual branding, such as their logo and color palette.

Read: https://www.inspirehub.com/about-us

Our Mission

The mission we embraced when we started is the same mission we have today: to help good people do more good. With our clients (that’s you!) and partners, we're building a platform that provides a safer solution than others  in the market place, and we're aiming to create an inspiring environment along the way. 

By understanding these elements, you can ensure that your social media campaigns align with the company's overall messaging and branding, which can help increase the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Using the IHUBApp marketing materials

As an IHUBApp Ally you have access to use our marketing tool kit but to also leverage our product images, videos, and descriptions to your advantage. These materials can be incredibly valuable when it comes to creating your social media posts, as it will help you to properly position the benefits of the IHUBApp.

Utilizing data and analytics

In order to create effective social media campaigns, it is important to understand your target audience. This can be done by using data and analytics to track the performance of your campaigns and to identify patterns in the behavior of your followers. For example, you might use data to identify the times of day when your followers are most active on social media, or to determine which types of content are most engaging to your audience.

Do you have an insight you think we need to know? Share your marketing insights in the Hubship Contact form! Together we can do more!

Creating personalized, effective marketing messages

Our marketing toolkit includes a wide-variety of Canva templates that will make it easy for you to create personalized marketing campaigns. We make all of our templates available to you at no charge. This might include creating social media posts that are tailored to specific demographics, or using language and imagery that is more likely to resonate with your audience.

Engaging with your audience

In order to build a powerful awareness engine, it is essential to engage with your audience. This might include responding to comments and messages, creating polls and surveys, and sharing user-generated content. By actively engaging with your audience, you can build a sense of community around your brand and create a more loyal following. Don’t forget to tag us if you think there’s something we should be commenting on!


In this lesson, we have learned how affiliate marketers can leverage the product and marketing of the company they are promoting in order to increase their reach on social media, better target their audience, and create a more powerful awareness engine. By understanding the company's branding and messaging, using the company's marketing materials, utilizing data and analytics, creating personalized, effective marketing messages, and engaging with your audience, affiliate marketers can create more effective social media campaigns and build a more loyal following.