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Selecting the right IHUBApp features to highlight in your product presentation is key to converting your customers. This lesson plan will equip you with understanding how to research and evaluate the IHUBApp features, how to identify those features that are most important to customers, and how to effectively communicate these features during a presentation.


Research and evaluate

The IHUBApp has a robust list of features which you can easily access here:

This page is a great reference to use when you are trying to determine which ones can make an impact on your customer’s business or lifestyle. After researching each feature, make sure you also understand how it works and how it could add value for the customer.


SALES HACK: If you need a refresher on a feature, simply look up the how-to article available in this Wiki that includes step-by-step instructions but also videos and images. You can grab the images, videos, and materials to use in you presentation!

Identify features that are most important

As you review each IHUBApp feature, ask yourself which ones are most likely to have the biggest impact on the customer’s decision making process? It could be something such as:

  • saving time,

  • reducing costs or

  • streamlining operations.

All of the above have been important pain points from customers who have purchased the IHUBApp. Once you have identified these potential areas of impact, prioritize them based on relevance and importance for your potential buyers.


SALES HACK: Here’s a few top features that perform well as decision-making reasons for why people purchase the IHUBApp.

Effectively communicate

Once you have selected the IHUBApp features you think will have the most impact, it’s time to prepare the ways in which you can effectively communicate these key advantages of selecting your product over competitors during your presentation.

Be prepared with not just facts and figures but also stories and analogies that will help engage customers in deeper understanding of what makes this specific solution ideal for their needs.

Additionally make sure to emphasize any additional benefits that may come with making this purchase such as warranties or bonuses whichever they might be !


Selecting the right features when introducing the IHUBApp is essential! To ensure success take note of these steps – start by researching inside-out about every feature available so you can evaluate its value properly; Identify those features that could have the highest impact on a customer’s decision; And finally focus on communicating these points both factually and emotionally during presentations so customers get an idea of why they should choose your offering over competitors'. With consistent practice comes speed and confidence – so continue honing your skills until perfect!


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